Bronchitis is a disease in which the bronchial passages get inflamed. Coughing is usually the result of this. There are 2 types of this lungs illness. One of them lasts for about 2 weeks and it is acute bronchitis, and the other one is chronic bronchitis and it lasts for a couple of years in a row. Most of the time, the infection is viral but bacteria can also cause it. Viruses that cause colds and flu usually cause acute bronchitis too. But it can be also caused by bacteria, smoke, dust and pollution in the air.

If the irritation and damage to the lungs repeat for a few times, chronic bronchitis will be caused. The most common causes are also smoking and being exposed to air pollution and dust.

Bronchitis symptoms

If you have been coughing for several weeks or months, this may be one of the main acute bronchitis symptoms. A cough may keep you from sleeping and it may appear with wheezing.

There’s a chance of you seeing yellowish-grey,green or bloody sputum. You may have a bit sore throat, tightening and pain in the chest. Low fever can also appear, your sinuses and nose can be blocked and there’s chance of you getting a headache etc. It is normal that these symptoms eventually get worse and if all of this happens, you must see a doctor.

Bronchitis diagnosis

If you see a doctor, you will need to tell him about the symptoms you have experienced. You have to tell him if you have suffered from a cold or flu recently if you have seen something unusual in your sputum. The main case will be your cough definitely.

You need to tell your doctor if you smoke and if you have been exposed to air pollution recently. He will listen to your lungs by auscultation method and a nurse will probably take a sample of your mucus to see if there are bacteria in it. You will probably take some blood and lungs tests and get prepared to do a chest X-ray.

Treatment and prevention

Chronic bronchitis can’t be cured. If you suffer from acute bronchitis you will probably escape from it without any special treatment. In this case, your doctor will most probably tell you to have a lot of rest, to drink plenty of fluids and to breath fresh and moist air. But to make sure that you get well he will prescribe you some medication.

Exercise and walk

You may get antibiotics, that are effective for infections caused by bacteria. You may also get medication for your long-lasting cough and some bronchodilators. An another curing method is breathing fresh air. You should go to the top of the mountain and give your lungs plenty of air. In this way, you will also enjoy the view. Take small walks and start exercising as much as you can.

Don’t give up

Of course, you can’t prevent bronchitis, but you can give your best to decrease the risk of getting it. What you can do is wash your hands properly to reduce the risk of keeping bacteria on them. The most important of all is, if you’re a smoker, to give up cigarettes at this moment.